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Hildebrand van Loon (Mon)
Nicolaas Maesschool (Tue & Thu)
Peetersschool (Tue & Thu)

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Combine your Jim Story with this handy time saver.

Please let us know which class your child is in.
Please let us know which class your child is in.

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For selected schools around the Jim Studios, we offer a pick-up and fruit snack service. This service can only be combined with the 16.00h Jim Story timeslot on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays, and with the Jim Extended classes on Wednesdays. One of our coaches will pick up the children after school, and walk them to Jim. At Jim, we’ll enjoy a bit of social time and a healthy fruity snack.

At 16.00, the episode of your Jim Story will start, together with all children in this season.

Important note: if you make use of this service, please arrive at Jim some time before 16.45, when the episode ends.

If you are using this service for the first time, we’ll invite you do drop by at Jim with your child prior to the first pick-up. We’d love to get to know you and your child first, before picking them up from school. And we are sure you feel the same way.

Please keep in mind there is no pick-up service on school holidays, public holidays, or on study days from school. Some study days may coincide with the dates above. On study days, the Jim Story will take place at 16.00h as planned.


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