Terms & Conditions

By booking services through our website, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


Friends call me Jim: the tradename under which FCMJ B.V. operates; FCMJ B.V. is a limited liability company located at IJsbaanpad 9, 1076 CV, Amsterdam, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 70351430.

Customer: the authorized legal representative (i.e parent, guardian) purchasing services for a participant (as defined below) at Friends call me Jim.

Participant: a minor taking part in a service from Friends call me Jim.

Class a single attendance at the Jim Studios, in accordance with the service booked.

Services: all services including but not limited to ‘Jim Basics Subscription’, ‘Jim Plus Subscription’, ‘Jim Pick-up and Fruit Service’, ‘Jim Single Class’, ‘Jim Playground’ and ‘Jim Tryout’, as advertised and detailed on this website.

Jim studio’s: the locations where the services take place.

Article 1. Booking

    1. Services purchased are personal to the participant and not transferable to other persons than those for whom the personal data has been entered (the participant).
    2. Customers warrant that the personal data provided during the purchase of Services are accurate and shall keep those data accurate during the term of the subscription.
    3. Friends call me Jim may change the location and  schedule of any of the services, opening hours, number of participants in services, the number of classes and fees at any given time.
    4. Customers can cancel their subscription purchase with Friends call me Jim within 7 days after the first attendance of their child at a class.
    5. When a customer cancels their service with Friends call me Jim in accordance with Article 1.4, the Customer will receive a full refund of that purchase. Customers can request such a refund by email, via hello@friendscallmejim.com

Article 2. Subscriptions

    1. Subscriptions can only be booked on this website.
    2. Subscriptions start at the date of booking on this website, and last until cancellation.
    3. Subscriptions can be cancelled by each 1st of the month, with a cancellation period of one month.
    4. Cancellation of subscriptions must always be in writing (preferably by e-mail to hello@friendscallmejim.com). The date Friends call me Jim receives the cancellation e-mail determines the cancellation date.
    5. With a subscription, attendance is bought for a certain time slot in school weeks. Friends call me Jim follows the advisory dates for school holidays for primary schools by the Dutch government, region North.
    6. Permanent change of time slot is possible, but at the discretion of Friends call me Jim and only if there is place available in another time slot for the same age group.
    7. An incidental change of time slot is possible within 7 days of the original time slot (before or after), again at the discretion of Friends call me Jim and only if there is place available in a time slot for the same age group.
    8. Missed classes without a timely cancellation notice to the staff of Friends call me Jim cannot be changed nor reimbursed.

Article 3. Pricing and payment

    1. Current prices will be listed on the respective service webpages and may change as appropriate, except for and in relation to services already purchased
    2. Payment can only occur through means indicated in the online checkout procedure of this website.
    3. The yearly subscription service is paid in 10 monthly fees in the months September through June. The monthly subscription fee is collected in the first few days of these months.
    4. When a subscription starts in the months September through June, the monthly subscription fee for the first month will be calculated proportionally for that month. When a subscription is booked in July or August, the the first monthly subscription fee will be paid at the time of booking, with the subsequent payment incurred on October 1st.

Article 4. Attendance

    1. Customers are required to report to a member of the staff of Friends call me Jim any physical or medical issues of the participant that may be relevant for taking part in the Service, prior to the taking part in the Services.
    2. Exact class dates of each service are communicated on the website.
    3. Missed classes shall not be reimbursed.
    4. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and must be bare foot or wear socks with grip pads to maximize safety. We strongly advise to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing to prevent damages and to maximize mobility in classes.
    5. If a participant is being disruptive, destructive or dangerous to him or herself or other participants, Friends call me Jim will make every effort to work together with the participant to resolve the behavior. If the behavior persists, the participant will be asked to take a break from the class, or be prohibited from further using the Services, without being entitled to any refund.
    6. A participant may be refused to take part in aa class if (i) the participant is not in all respects fit to participate or (ii) physical, medical or other issues lead staff of Friends call me Jim to the conclusion that participation is not in the best interest of the Participant.

Article 5. Privacy

    1. Every customer provides personal data to Friends call me Jim. Friends call me Jim will treat this personal data as strictly confidential, only use it for organizational and administrative purposes necessary for rendering the Services, or to promote activities of Friends call me Jim. Personal data shall not be shared with third parties without customers explicit consent.
    2. Any data processing is done in accordance with the Dutch law.
    3. Friends call me Jim will delete, change or amend any personal data at the written request of the customer.

Article 6. Liability

    1. The use of services from Friends call me Jim, and the use of the Jim Studios is at the customer’s and participants own risk.
    2. Any and all (direct or indirect) liability, whether in tort or as a result of breach, of Friends call me Jim and it’s members of staff or employees is limited to the amount that is in each particular case, actually covered by and paid out under the liability insurance policy of Friends call me Jim.
    3. Friends call me Jim and the members of staff are not liable for any damages to or losses of property of customers en/or participants.

Article 7. Complaints

    1. A customer can file a complaint in written form with regards to the services of Friends call me Jim, within 14 days after the event that gave rise the complaint. Complaints can be sent to hello@friendscallmejim.com.
    2. Complaints will be answered as soon as possible, at the latest within four weeks after receiving the complaint.

Article 8. Other

    1. Smoking is not allowed in the Jim Studios.
    2. Animals are not allowed in the Jim Studios.
    3. All materials used for the services of Friends call me Jim (or in connection therewith) are the (intellectual) property of Friends call me Jim and its affiliates. Nothing may be copied and published elsewhere without explicit written agreement from Friends call me Jim.
    4. The Terms and Conditions may change. The latest version will always be published on this website.
    5. Dutch law applies and any and all disputes will be exclusively submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam

Version date: 22-08-2019