Jim Classes

45-minute movement adventures with the Jims

Friends call me Jim’s signature classes are designed to immerse children in a fantasy world where their imagination is the vehicle for developing a wide range of physical and cognitive skills. Over the course of their journey with Jim, little ones go from finding courage in the support of a parent to becoming confident and independent movers. Programs are delivered in three phases to offer a gradual build-up of age-appropriate benefits.

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Explorer: parent-led, story driven

Created especially for Jim’s youngest members (ages 2-3), this class stimulates early movement, curiosity, and self-confidence through the active participation of a parent or guardian. For many parents this is a first opportunity to explore their child’s mobility in a safe and inviting space, surrounded by a community of like-minded peers. Take your child’s hand, give them an encouraging smile and guide them through the magical world of Friends call me Jim.

With the help of an expert coach and the Jim Family – Floaty, Fast, Strong, Bendy, and the Bounce twins – you and your little one will embark on movement adventures. Jim’s innovative storytelling method awakens the imagination and helps develop key movement skills through active exercise. By building trust and confidence as a parent-child team, this class lays the foundation needed to progress into more interactive stories with the Jim Family.

Skills we develop

Ages: 2-3
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended commitment: 1.5 yrs
Parent participation? Yes!

****   Self confidence
****   Imagination
****   Coordination
***    Group dynamics
***    Climbing
***    Strength
***    Walking/Running
**     Balance
**     Jumping
**     Flexibility

Pioneer: next-level storytelling for independent movers

At age 3, children begin to establish their independence – both physically and emotionally. At Friends call me Jim we give kids space to explore their newfound sense of autonomy. In this 45-minute class, children discover how their bodies relate to their surroundings and to one another. Life-size animations and storytelling transform the open-space format into a stage for endless adventures.

Imagination meets exercise in this innovative concept. Movement activities seamlessly weave into the story, allowing for children to learn and master skills through repetition. By awakening their physical and emotional awareness, this class empowers children to approach the world with confidence.

Skills we develop

Age: 3
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended commitment: 9 mos – 1 yr
Parent participation: welcome to sit in the studio until child is ready to join

****    Body awareness
****   Running
****   Social interaction
****   Imagination
****   Balance
***    Coordination
***    Self confidence
***    Strength
***    Flexibility
**     Rhythm

Adventurer: pushing boundaries and discovering worlds

This action-packed class introduces children ages 4 and 5 to a variety of movement and sports disciplines such as dance, martial arts, and ball skills. Expert coaches use storytelling and the animated Jim characters to help kids take on different personas: from the brave dancer overcoming stage fright to the quick and clever ninja on the move. By stimulating their imagination, children are able to engage with the story and master new skills.

Using props and innovative equipment, the Jim method adapts to every child’s needs, helping set new physical challenges. The classes have an impactful and long-term effect on everything from gross motor skills to social and emotional learning. Whether adventuring through a parkour course or practicing the benefits of meditation, this class gives children a well-rounded movement education.

Skills we develop

Age: 4-5
Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended commitment: 1.5-2 yrs
Parent participation? No

****   Team work
****   Speed
****   Imagination
****   Body awareness
****  Rhythm 
***    Balance
***    Agility
***    Creativity
***    Coordination
***    Self confidence

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