Wacky Wonder Express (age 4 & 5)


19 Nov – 10 Feb


4 and 5


Lightscape Studio


45 minute class with fruit and water after



Available groups

Thursdays at 16:00 – FULL
Mondays at 16.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)
Wednesdays at 16.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)
Saturdays at 9.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)
Saturdays at 11.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)

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The Wacky Wonder Express takes you on a journey through wild and adventurous places. This train transports everything but the ordinary… Together with the Jim’s, who crew the train, we explore the train and it’s mysterious cargo. Each wagon is an adventure on its own. 

We’ll be steering the train with Floaty in the locomotive and we’ll be delivering clouds with Bendy. We’ll help Strong to harvest strawberries in his greenery wagon and play games with the Bounce twins in the diner wagon. Oh, and Fast? We’ll go on a bumpy ride with him on top of the train!

Eventually we have to go back home, but before we arrive we have to overcome some obstacles on the way. All aboard the Wacky Wonder Express!

There are no Jim Story Episodes during school holidays or on public holidays.
Please keep in mind that on study days from school, episodes run as planned. 

There is a minimum of 4 children required for a group to start. 


Bartholomeus Ruloffsstraat 9hs
1071WJ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands