To the Rescue (age 4&5)


19 Nov – 10 Feb


4 and 5


45 minute class with fruit and water after


Playscape Studio

Available groups

Mondays at 16.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)
Tuesdays at 16.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)
Tuesdays at 17.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)
Wednesdays at 14.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)
Wednesdays at 16.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)

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A playful island adventure for ages 4 and 5.


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To the rescue brings us on a moving search for Strong’s Teddy toy. Every time we think we have it, something unexpected happens.. Did the wind take it high into the sky? Or did the eagle bring it to his nest? While we follow the traces of Teddy we travel through different worlds.

Each world is the habitat of one of our Jim friends and together with them we perform heroic deeds to find it! Are your heroes ready for an exciting search? Alright then, to the rescue!

There are no Jim Story Episodes during school holidays or on public holidays.
Please keep in mind that on study days from school, episodes run as planned. 

There is a minimum of 4 children required for a group to start.

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