Chasing Art (age 6 & 7)


19 Nov – 10 Feb


6 and 7


45 minute class with fruit and water after

Available groups

Tuesdays at 16.00 (Nov 19 – Feb 10)


Lightscape Studio



€ 199,00

MOJA take us on a creative movement journey in a floating museum.


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Step in our new moving world of art together with the Jim’s!

This season,  focusses on body awareness with- and without objects, teamwork and time concepts where we practice our responsiveness and speed.

Together with each other and the Jim’s we will visit The Museum of Jim Art: A floating museum where  our digital friends have their ateliers. The museum director has called out an art competition for the best, most extravagant and new art piece of the entire universe. All the Jim’s attend and take us on their creative journey to win the competition and so our adventure begins..

We follow Fast’s paintbrush strokes, match the graffiti shapes with Bendy and track our moves by looking at the melting clocks with Floaty. It’s an immersive adventure with lots of joy in motion.

Are you ready to step into this world full of movement and art together with the Jim’s?


There are no Jim Story Episodes during school holidays or on public holidays.
Please keep in mind that on study days from school, episodes run as planned. 

There is a minimum of 4 children required for a group to start.

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