Jim Extended (10 lessons / 90 minutes)

Jim Extended is a double class and lasts 90 instead the normal 45 minutes. You can Be Fast, Be Strong or Be Bendy while practicing new moves and skills! These character based adventures have a divers set of activities and games, using both animation and equipment for optimal physical challenge. You can register for a season or single classes. Jim Extended is available on Wednesdays.

This is something very new from our Jim Lab, starting the 13th of February. To keep it simple we call it Jim Extended.  A fun experience where one of our characters, Fast, Bendy, Floaty, Strong or the Bounce twins will lead the way. Developed for children age 4-7, Jim Extended is a 90 minute class led by one of the Jim’s. You can Be Fast, Be Strong or Be Bendy while practicing new moves and skills. Fast’s Jim Extended will focus on different running techniques and challenges our responsiveness. Whereas Bendy’s Jim Extended focuses on balance and flexibility of muscles and joints. In general we will improve gross- and fine motor skills in a focused,  fun and creative way!

10 lessons, 90 minutes per session

We start the class with a divers set of activities taken from our Storylines, followed by a short fruit and water break. After having rested a bit we will go back into the studio for the second part of the class; an equipment parcours combined with animation for a different skill focus.  It is as a full season (10 lessons) only available on Wednesdays.  So make sure you sign up as soon as possible!

For the Peetersschool and Nicolaas Maesschool we provide optional Pick-Up service. If you want this please add this service separate to your shoppingchart.

You can book now or give us a call for more info (+31202440192).

Jim Extended (age 4 to 7)