What is Friends call me Jim?

Friends call me Jim is a brand new gym and playground for kids aged 2-7. Our mission is to get kids moving and discover joy in motion. Along the way they gain the confidence to use their new skills and stay active every day. 

Based in Amsterdam, we offer a fun and innovative alternative for parents whose children are too young to join a sports club and would benefit from classes to develop their motor skills. Or who simply want a place to play, whether its sunny or dreary outside (this is the Netherlands, after all). 

The team

The Jim team consists of people with backgrounds in physical education, dance, athletics, sports, art, storytelling and technology. We share a love for moving, and a drive to help children discover the value and pleasure that physical activity can bring them. Now, and throughout their lives.


The gym

The Jim Amsterdam interior was designed by Tank Architects. Spacious, stylish and comfortable, our home was developed with both children and parents in mind. The two studios are equipped with soft sports flooring and high quality, custom developed equipment. Each studio has a glass wall so you can see your child’s adventures, trials and tribulations. All while having a coffee and getting some things done if need be.

We also haven’t forgotten about the under 2’s. There’s a corner for playing and reading with your toddler while their brother or sister is on adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we mean by fun and innovative?

We’ve created our very own stories, which each feature special Jim characters with their own personality and physical ability: Strong, Bendy, Bounce, Fast and Floaty. Each story includes 10 episodes, or weekly classes in the lightscape or the playscape where kids go on magical adventures with their favourite characters. On the way they  develop their motor skills while staying engaged. 

What are the lightscape and the playscape?

Ah yes. Friends call me Jim has two very different studios: the lightscape and the playscape. The playscape is our more “traditional” studio, filled with boxes, slides, monkey bars and a climbing wall. The lightscape is a completely new type of gym. In this studio kids play in a virtual world. Lights and projections on the floor become a parcours of hurdles and obstacles that kids journey together to reach an exciting destination.

Lightscape Studio

What is the difference between a story and the playground?

A story is a series of 10 classes, specially developed for kids ages 4 to 7. We currently have four stories: “The Windy Island” and “Jungle Life” (for 4-5 year olds) and “Lost in the City” and “Space Walking” (for 6-7 year olds). Every week, kids go on a new adventure, following the map to reach the next stop. Stories either take place in our lightscape or playscape studio. 

The playground is made for 2 and 3 year olds. In individual sessions in our playscape studio, toddlers practice new movements and develop their motor skills. Playground sessions take place together with a parent and experienced coach. 

Playscape Studio

Is Friends call me Jim a virtual reality gym?

Nope. There are no funny glasses here! Instead, we stimulate your child’s imagination with a little help from our original stories and 2D technology. In our lightscape studio lights on the floor become waves to surf, rocks to jump to or paths to follow – and projections on the floor become fish to avoid or leaves to touch.