About Jim

What we do: 

We believe in developing lifelong, confident movers. Jim specializes in movement and development classes for children ages 2-5. Through immersive stories, research-based curriculum and cutting-edge technology, children gain essential physical skills for life.

How we do it: 

Our program is based on the concept of physical literacy. Physical literacy is the knowledge of foundational motor skills that are essential for an active, healthy life. In practice, physical literacy aims to develop confident children who have the skills to participate in a wide range of physical activities. 

Our team of child, movement, and design experts studied the five key physical literacy skills and brought them to life with our Jim Family. Floaty, Fast, Strong, Bendy, and the Bounce twins embody these skills and become mentors to children as they explore how their body moves. These key movement skills like endurance, flexibility, coordination, and strength can be applied to any physical activity. 

Using the Jim Family characters as a catalyst, we have created a magical, immersive world that fosters imagination and creativity. The storytelling format allows for opportunities to use cognitive skills like problem solving and critical thinking. Each Jim Family member also has an emotional focus as well. Children will practice social, emotional skills like cooperation, confidence, and self-regulation. Combining cognitive, social, and emotional learning with physical literacy makes for a purposeful, dynamic class that is perfect for your child’s developmental needs!

Why we do it: 

Jim stands for Joy In Motion. We believe that positive experiences with movement are the foundation for an active, joyful life. The benefits of movement and play permeate to all parts of a child’s growth. We aim to build confident children who create, explore, and positively interact with those around them. 

Our classes are carefully crafted to ensure that children are learning age-appropriate developmental skills to support their growth. Because our classes are led by expert coaches, children will receive targeted feedback that supports their personal development. Children will also develop teamwork and cooperative skills as they learn from each other in a class setting. One full school year of Foundation classes will give children a complete overview of key movement skills. These classes are grouped into themed stories that change every ten weeks.

More than child’s play: 

While Jim classes are all about fun, there is serious work taking place. Mr. Fred Rogers famously said, “Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.” Our classes are designed to ensure your child is learning cognitive, social, and physical skills that are the foundation for a happy, healthy life. 

Learning physical skills early on is critical for a child’s development. Dr. David Stodden, a motor skills scientist, studied the relationship between motor skills development and physical activity throughout the lifespan. He determined that, “the development of motor skill competence is a primary underlying mechanism that promotes engagement in physical activity across a lifespan.” His research proves that if you learn movement skills at a young age, you are more likely to lead an active lifestyle as an adult. At Jim, we’ve created a unique formula that finds joy in movement and creates lifelong movers.